Thursday, November 02, 2006

The worst thing I've ever written. Or maybe the best.

Today I learned not to listen to people on #nanowrimo:
14:43 <lkbm> How do you start a campfire? Flint and something? A stick and a shoelace? A mini fire-breathing dragon that you carry around in your pocket?
14:43 <Roxasora> sparks
14:43 <lkbm> 'Pulling some sparks from his pocket, he tossed them on the pile of leaves and sticks'.

Okay, fine. I'll do that. And I did.

So a bit later, I was writing--of course--and after a couple lines I thought, 'Gosh, this is the worst thing I've ever written.'

But then I wrote some more, and it turned out to be most excellent. A bit of cleanup to the earlier part and I have 1643 words for the day and some delightful wackiness. But that was around 7pm.

I started the day with Chapter whatever: A Boisterous Day (named yesterday), but didn't get beyond the first paragraph. So I wrote Chapter whichever: A Short Journey and then headed into The Red Herring, which was written partly early/mid afternoon and partly after dinner. This brought me nearly to 1667 for the day, and adding a single line to Boisterocity put me over, with 1668.

Of course, I then had to finish up the Boisterocity, but after writing The Red Herring, I had regained some of my real writing ability.

Oh, dang. I just realised no one is supposed to die in this war. Oh, no, wait. This is a historical aside. Long before the war. Whew.

But, yeah, I really should get to that 'war' bit eventually. Some idiot wrote an introduction making that the basic plot.

The Day's Text
Words today: 1768
Words total: 3484
Target total: 3333.333 repeating

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