Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day 1: Let's change genres!

So, I started off with no plot, no characters, and no particular thoughts. I'd actually been thinking I'd do a modern day something or another, but when I sat down and started typing, it came out as a fantasy, so that's what I'm doing.

The first bunch is encyclopaedic in nature, followed by a chapter in which I actually introduce a character. This seems like a good pattern for me, since I don't like writing about people doing things. I don't understand people.

The story is about two unfriendly nations. One is a fishing nation. They fish. They eat fish. Yummy. The other is a fishing nation. They fish. They put fish in big aquariums and eat red meat and grains from their suppressed easern territories.
This means I have to use as many fish puns as possible.

Oh, and there's a war. I haven't gotten to that part yet, but the introduction says there's a war, so there'd better be.

HushNaNo wants us to put zombies in our NaNo, so I'll probably do that. Zombie fish? Zombie people? I don't know. Zombies, though. Zombies and trout. Some guy wants to name his NaNo 'Trout' even though it has nothing to do with trout. Now whenever people say 'carp' on IRC (and they do a lot), we tell them 'Trout'. Well, I do. I'm very annoying.

Ambie on IRC stated at 13:53est today that she was nearing 7 000 words. At that time, I was around 700, I think. Anyway, I'm now over 1 700. Not bad. Nearly as much as my entire 2004 NaNo, I believe.

The Day's Text
Words today: 1715
Words total: 1715
Target total: 1666.666 repeating

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