Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 22: Slow start, fast finish

I wrote most of this in the last hour before midnight. It went nicely towards the end, though I hated writing earlier today. I HATES IT!

There was one problem: I introduced Dudders and then promptly forgot he even existed until morning. I had to go back and add a bit about him. But it's all good now.

Also, I realised about half an hour ago that BattleJesus had been right in telling me to hurry the plot along a day or two ago. I'm only just finishing up the set-up right now. I have half the plot to go and only 6 348 words until victory.

Oh well. Maybe aliens will put an abrupt end to these events when they tire of watching and drop nukes on the planet. (Oh, dang! I just realised that my stock cutshort ending won't work because no one dies in this war.)

The Day's Text
Words today: 1731
Words total: 43652
Target total: 36666.666 repeating

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