Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 12: One long chapter

A single chapter, for the first time ever. I got a late start and it was going very slowly. I tried having the waitress recite the menu for some quick wordcount, but that wasn't working well at all, so I was forced to bring back the Cheshire cat. From that point on I thought it didn't totally suck, and it went much faster.

Today I realised that trout live in the ocean. They're also river fish, but not only river fish. This was really an 'oh !$@%' moment for me. But I handled it acceptably. Maybe. It's a shame they're not southern ocean only. That would allow for the folks in the Tanenbaum Region not knowing about ocean trout. But alas, I don't think that's the case.

Time is messed up slightly. These people are trying to travel hundreds of miles to meet up with the other covert ops group (though they don't know it), but the other covert ops group is already heading out to strike. Maybe these people will buy a cart with their wealth, which will help, but I think this must be a day or two before the Pesce stuff. I guess the Tanenbaum army is still on the march, just a day or two ahead of the covert ops group.

The Day's Text
Words today: 2107
Words total: 25701
Target total: 21666.666 repeating

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