Saturday, November 04, 2006

Day 4: Having some fun.

It's day 4. People in #NaNoWriMo are feeling the pressure:

Shortcuts are sought:
14:41 [@Phoebe] Time travel is easy.
14:42 [ LKBM] Phoebe: Yes, just write a scene and have it repeat over and over again. An easy 50k.

Questions about realism arise:
14:44 [ DemonHunter] How would a fight between an infinitly powerful person and a few teens turn out?

Some of us are feeling the pressures of just rambling:
14:58 [ LKBM] I have to remind myself 'I have a plot. I need to get around to the plot sometime. This silly stuff needs to lead /into the plot/. use the plot, Luca.'

Some people just like to make the rest of us feel inadequate:
14:59 -!- SCM|35803 is now known as SCM|36748
14:59 [ Shinko666] 36!!!!
14:59 [ LKBM] Holy shamoly, slow down SCM!
14:59 [ Shinko666] im gonna die
14:59 * Morwen{X}5648|1216 feels pathetic next to that word count
14:59 * t0e|11541 sings "my telly's gone bung"

Luckily, these people do have to sleep sometime:
18:07 [ SCM|40392] my night in less than an hour to go so my writing is over

Then, a bit before 4pm I finally put on my cape so I can start writing. But wait!
15:54 [ LKBM] My procrastination quote of the day: 'Where are my socks. I can't write a fucking novel without socks.'

Finally, I do write, and in the last half hour, I throw out 500 characters to push me above my aspirational goal of 2000 words in one day!

Also, my second paragraph of the day was my longest yet. 417 words. Over 2000 characters.

The Day's Text
Words today: 2103
Words total: 7430
Target total: 6666.66 repeating

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Anonymous said...

"How would a fight between an infinitly powerful person and a few teens turn out?"

I'm tempted to write such a fight into my story in case I have a lot of extra teens to vacuum up at some point.