Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 14: Moving right along.

I set Dallywonk and Co. up to get lost, giving Fin and co time to get down to the border. I think they'll need horses, though. And a timeshift. I MUST REMEMBER: They get horses in THIS chapter. Not the next one. Maybe horses just happen to turn up along the trail. Maybe Fin steals them from some other travellers. Maybe they go into a town. But /before the chapter ends/. I named it to have horses. LEt's finally get something right with the chapter naming thing.

Oh, and I forgot to make the Pesce be polite and formal with each other for a bit. I had to go back and repair their dialogue. Added 107 easy words. Then I wrote some where they weren't so long-winded. But they were all panicked, sort of, having just fled a bear. So maybe it's okay.

But why, oh why do the Pesce sometimes speak almost like Middle English people and sometimes like 'normal' people? I suck.

Note: at some point, I need to mention Snook saying 'Fate!' from the Tan's perspective.

The Day's Text
Words today: 2123
Words total: 27824
Target total: 23333.333 repeating

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