Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 23: New low

Okay, so I didn't reach 1666.666... words for the day. I don't mind. I got some hard stuff done, tying up the Ravioli/Gar/Biscotti bit with a cliffhanger for Part II. I only need 793.5 words per day at this point and I got a fair bit more than that.

I now have about four things left to do. This makes for 1262 words for each, but I suspect the Fin-Dallywonk joint group will consume a disproportionate share of it.

A couple weeks ago, I started listing the various threads so I could look at it and pick one I could stand to write that day, and so I could see what had been ignored for the longest. Here are the threads as I see them now and what I intend to do with them (ordered by last written ascending order):

Tanenbaum Guards


Remember that stupid captain of the guard? He was fun, but mostly ignored. This will continue. I need not write any more about him.

Tanenbaum Region war preparations


Also no more needed for Part I. This is done.


He (or his superiors) should decide that Dallywonk's mission is a bad thing. This should occur after it's abandoned, though he doesn't know it's abandoned. Probably they assume it's failed


Not much to do with this, but it's a good note to end on, perhaps. Just her continuing her journey north.


Maybe get in position to help Fin+Morris and/or to pick up the prisoners
Prisoners: Guenter and Warren

I may have Phil pick them up in Part I, but if they get ignored until Part II, that's fine too.

Fin, Hilfa, Snook, Meville Pennybrook, Sven Zoot / Morris Dallywonk, Filcher, Breck, Dudders

Abandon missions and decide to visit Isle of the Gods together. The Cheshire cat may prompt this. I don't know for certain. Zoot is opposed to exploding things, so he may also encourage it, despite not really having had zombie trouts preached to him as much as the rest of his group.

Delmer Ravioli


This is done. He met Biscotti and Gar in a cliffhanger. This had to be after Biscotti was accused so that Biscotti can be vindicated by the Fin-Dallywonk journey of discover in Part II.



Captured by Biscotti



He and Biscotti met Delmer in a cliffhanger ending.

It's all coming together nicely, and with perfect timing. Shocking. (Okay, really, it's all coming together nicely because I'm being forced to split it into two parts, but the two parts split so nicely.)

The Day's Text
Words today: 1300
Words total: 44952
Target total: 38333.333 repeating

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