Thursday, November 09, 2006

More words; more plans.

'Party of Four' was originally titled 'Party of Five', but as I was updating the index I realised there were only four of them. Hey, I also renamed 'One-Tooth' to 'One-Eyed' and didn't notice until I looked up to see if it was 'One-Eyed' or 'One-Eye'. Also, I've decided Hilfa is a lot older than originally stated. Fourteenish, maybe? This was an intentional change, though.

As for my writing plans: one option I've been considering is doing editing each day that I feel like it/have time after reaching 2000 words. Once I hit my quota, I tend to stop writing, but editing I could still do. However, I'd have to make sure my editing of old days didn't reduce their wordcount. For these minor errors I keep noticing, that's not a problem, but what I ought to be doing is some slightly larger rewriting. If I rewrite Jaime/Canton, it either needs to be not significantly shorter or so bad that I decide not to use the rewrite. (Another nice thing: rewrites that are on top of the daily wordcount can be rejected as crappy. Stuff written just to meet the quota can't be.)

The Day's Text
Words today:2019
Words total: 17355
Target total: 15000

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