Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Updating Blogger

Well, the Blogger beta is now unbeta so they're in the very slow process of converting this blog. Hopefully this post won't get lost. Anyhoo:

There really was going to be some sort of deadline approaching in that chapter (the one I start in the middle of today), but I forgot. I can rename it once I'm done.

Another death, but I maintain that this is also not a war-related death. Anyway, no big loss, right? We hate Gill. (No, changed my mind. He's not dead.)

And I broke the fourth wall for the first time.

Also: second highest daily word count. I broke 2000 again. Starting writing before 7pm is good.

The Day's Text
Words today: 2143
Words total: 15336
Target total: 13333.333 repeating

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LKBM said...

Apparently not unbeta, just most pushy about the beta. Anyway, I need a comment to test the template conversion.