Friday, November 03, 2006

Gangsters and parables.

Nothing much done this morning, but I made up for it pretty well in the afternoon/evening. Plus, today, I actually liked most of what I wrote.

I must apologise for Gar talking like Nunzio or Guido. It was unintentional and very unexpected. Also, I should explain that 'Dag' refers somewhat to Dagon, a Phoenician god who was represented as half-fish. I mention this as much for my own future reference as your own. Actually, probably entirely my own. Why would anyone bother reading this blog anyway, right? I mean, besides me.

Hopefully we'll see more of Fin tomorrow, as well as more on the explosion. Yes, its related to Gar.

Here's a map I drew, by the way:

Note that there are more towns. Mundi isn't all there is to Pesce.

Oh, and a note for anyone (such as myself) who might be confused: In /A Short Journey/, it says that Sawbill is farther /west/ of Whitefish. It isn't. It's farther /east/. Of course, the map makes that clear, but just so I know to fix it later on.

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Words today: 1844
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