Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 15: Record amount

Okay, so I was checking around for some reference regarding how far these northern dweebs have to walk. And, well, Germany has 1480 miles of coastline. Did you know that? That's a lot of coastline. It looks closer to three hundred miles, but coastline is all wrinkly, making it actually really, really long.

Luckily, Fin and Co. don't follow the coastline. And Sawbill isn't at the top of the nation. And the border isn't at the bottom of Halley's old realm. I figure they only have to travel about 400 miles to reach the border. Various things seem to suggest that these people can maybe get 50 miles per day (or a lot more or a lot less) on horseback, and I have a friend who's walked over thirty miles in a single day, so surely! (Of course, that was with very few supplies. Thirty-six miles took her three days when heavily loaded. Horses, though, can carry the load.)

The last chapter, starring Biscotti is valuable. I wrote it, gaining a lot of fast wordcount, and then fixed it up some more. It's not super!excellent, but it solves plot paradoxes (Biscotti must have known Delmer's name if he hired and betrayed him, so why the trip for Gar?) and tells the reader (and finally me!) what's going on with Gar and Ravioli and Biscotti. I needed that. They've been much ignored due to me having now idea what to write.

The Day's Text
Words today: 2350
Words total: 30174
Target total: 25000

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