Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The plan

Okay, so some of the stuff I've written really needs work:

Gar didn't want to enter Sawbill and then got a room at an inn there, and then suddenly remembered he didn't want to be in Sawbill.

I hope to modify his intro to explain 'oh, lemon cart! That fixes the smell, so no reason to not go through Sawbill and show my face there.' Drop the bit about 'witnesses', for one. Also, since he can, expand his Sawbill experience. Let him stay overnight and visit an eatery. He's hungry.

The History of Pesce

Just a few moments after writing that, I eeMailed Jaime (Online pseudonym: 'Canton') to tell her she's boring. I need to rewrite this to make it non-boring. It can still be about her. Just non-lame.

Political Undertones

It seemed a bit boring and forced (it was forced), but doesn't really suck, maybe. I may want to fix it up a bit. I don't know.

Island of the Gods

Impressively bad. I think I want to keep it as a dream sequence, as it introduced my new favourite character quite well, but it should start out as a good, accurate representation of the island, then get weird just before he awakes. Once he awakens, chapter should end more quickly.

My point in listing these is that at my current average of nearly 1900 words per day, I should have a bit over three days at the end up the month for editing (assuming I end right on 50k words; shan't). What I need to do is accelerate my writing to somewhere in the 2000-to-4000-words-per-day range so I'll have plenty of time to fix up the crappy parts. Yes, of course I'll do editing after month's end, but the better I have it by November, the cooler I am.

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